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I am a senior software developer with many years of experience in the industry. I have been using many programming languages and technologies for desktop, back-end and front-end platforms. I am used to work with colleagues around the world. Based in Montreal, Canada, I also worked in U.K.


Full stack web project

ReactJS, Redux, MaterializeCSS, Progressive, Passport, Google Login, Stripe, Sendgrid, Node.js, Express, MongoDB, Mongoose, Heroku...

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Modern workflow web project

Git, GitHub, Node.js, Webpack, BEM, PostCSS, Progressive, ReactJS, Axios, Lazysizes, Normalize.css, AWS Lambda, Netlify...

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Typescript with advanced concepts project

Typescript, OOP, Decorators, Generics, HTML drag & drop, Git, GitHub, Webpack...

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Google Map using Typescript

Typescript, OOP, Generics, Google Geocode and Maps, Axios, Git, GitHub, Webpack...

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React Todo project with Typescript, Webpack and Babel

Typescript, OOP, Generics, Git, GitHub, Webpack, Babel...

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React Social Media application using hooks

React, React router, Lazy load, Transition group, Immer, NodeJS, Express, MongoDB, Git, GitHub, Webpack, Babel, Heroku, Netlify...

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